Am Satisfy With You

Come sweetie let me undress you swiftly

With timely kisses 👄👄 on your face down to

your neck my love while I put you naked

I have been waiting on you for months that’s

My body is in a rush for you my love that she’s. cling

Each time you groan, Each time you caress my tits in this seductive manner in

All moves you make my body aches and pains

With pleasure of longing for your sweet, squeeze of love making

That in all the excitement I have cried out of pleasure in coming before we even go all the way in

My body enjoys you so much that you don’t have to do much to please her where necessary

Here we go on a second round and yet you are

Able to keep her entertain having a good control of yourelf to have her satisfy yet again

Oh baby how many round you have plans for in making now I can have you over, over & over cause you don’t

Run me tired of you

You just pleasure me sweetly yet slowly making sure am saturated and satisfied.

Couples in love

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