Seductive Hideout

Tracy: Let me catch You!

John: No!

Tracy: But why

John: Because

Tracy: Yes, because what

John: I need you to catch me

Tracy: Ok but you so good at hiding

John: Yeah really

Tracy: Oh I have an idea, recommend Tracy

John: What is it, reply John

Tracy: Come see, said Tracy

John: Is this a trick, John asked?

Tracy: No, said Tracy

John: So tell me what it is

Tracy: It a surprise

John: A surprise!, I like surprises you know

Narrator: Tracy prepares herself in such a seductive manner with her red, see through lingerie spreading her hair openly on the pillows while she place her body in a sexy position waiting on John appearance

Tracy: Are you coming?

John: Give me a minute

Tracy: Take your time

Narrator: Tracy just remember something else so she quickly get up and lit some scented candles she had laying around and placing them carefully in the room setting up the mood right. Placing herself back into her sexy position waiting on John who have just walk in

Narrator: If words could talk, his reactions said it all indeed John was really amazed

John: Is this for me my love

Tracy: All is yours my dear come make some good use of it.

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