My energy booster

Waking up next to you is always a remarkable pleasure

You just makes the mornings worth getting up to

The sun do have an extra sparkiness of brightness in it waking up next to you by my side

Some time it is just difficult to get up when you are not around in the morning which leave me to wonder

How long am I suppose to go on like that in such a miserable state of mind

Waking up without you is a call for laziness, lack of interest in the day, lack of performance at work

Didn’t you know I depends on you for great performance throughout the day?

As long as I don’t have that remarkable pleasure with you am sluggish & unpredictable

You are my booster, my coffee, my morning starter of brightness and my energizer of moodiness

You are my everything, my lover, my best friend, my supporter, my follower and indeed am in love with you all over again.

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