A Test Of Loyalty

There are some time sticky moment occurs

In the most unbearable times and in

Moment like this I missed you & hoping that you could be there to amend this

Swiftly, effectively & promptly

Which don’t usually happened when you should be there

But in this moment it test our loyalty and

Faithfulness to each other in this unlikely situations

Meanwhile I enjoy the excitement, the wait, the anticipation

But by just knowing you’ll show up one day and make

This moment a pleasurable and even better through

This long while a waiting on you.

Throught the waiting I get to reminisce on each and

Evey details on our time spent while we were together

You make it in such a way that I don’t have to look elsewhere for any attention

But look upon your arrival when you’ll be there to comfort each other at last

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  1. Hello,I might have miss some things,yet Iā€™m proud of your trails. šŸ‘

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