A stray

Hello!!! Is anyone home?

Hello, Hello can I come in?

Hello!!!! Hello!!! Is anyone home?

Hello, Hello yes, yes, come in, come in!!!

How can I help today

I’m looking for my stray dog

Have you seen him, I know he is in there

Some where cause he didn’t come

Home last night, I know he spent the night

With you

Please don’t tell me otherwise.

He might have not told you about me but find out about you

Yes, you guess right, am the wife of the stray dog and am here to collect him please.

5 responses to “A stray”

  1. Lol hot …continue to feed that stray dog ..
    Thanks for helping me ..

    When I’m ready for him to pay the Bill’s and school fee I will come for him

  2. I would love to know what more can I do babe

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